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Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Furniture

“We now have a couple Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Furniture avaiable for those true JD whiskey collectors. Limited supplies available. Act now!”

In the recent few months we have acquired some amazing JD barrels. They feature the company’s brand showing off the barrels true history. These are a must have for any whiskey collector who is a fan of the brand. The only thing is, these are very limited and may not always available. In the past 5 years we have only came across a couple dozen. Our suppliers receive barrels mostly from Kentucky so obtaining these Tennessee Whiskey ones is rare. Each product in the category list will say how many is available for purchase at that time.

Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Furniture
Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Furniture

In our Tennessee Whiskey collection we have three items and one set which is made up of three pieces. Since it is the most popular item we make, we have the lounge chairs of course, and the Recurved Rockers available in the Tennessee Whiskey option. We also came out with a new nightstand design which is also available in regular bourbon and wine barrel version too. The set we offer is a Pub Table and two Pub Stools with a memory swivel to go along with the table.

Tennessee Whiskey Barrel FurnitureThe Lounge Chair – Tennessee Whiskey Style

This is our standard very popular lounge chair design that is loved by many. Same model and measurements all around. The main difference is just the branded logos put on by the company. We try to use about five staves which feature some part of the brand. The two front legs and one arm will have distinguished marking. Since the complete logo often lands of a few small skinny staves, we try to use those as well which work great for some parts in the back.

The Recurved Rocker 

This piece will pretty much feature the same elements that the standard lounge chair will.  Five stave will show off the branding. The recurved bottom stave will allow for a sweet rocking motion while you relax with your favorite beverage.

Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Furniture The Nightstand –

Our new nightstand is very similar to our end tables. They are a little shorter (20″) to accommodate a standard bed height and feature a bottom shelve for any additional storage that maybe needed. These are available in Bourbon and Wine barrel as well. The Tennessee Whiskey versions will have a branded top with the full JD brand.

Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Furniture The Pub Set –

Last but not least is our Tennessee Whiskey Pub Set. The set is made up of one of our signature Pub Table and two Pub Stools to go along with it. The pub table will have a fully branded top and the stools will have couple of their leg staves branded as well. Making it a true Tennessee Whiskey barrel furniture set.

All these items are also available in regular bourbon and wine barrel versions. If you have any additional question of would like just a little more information on anything please don’t hesitate to contact us or email me directly.

Have a great day, Cheers! 

-Balazs Moldovan



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