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Temecula Wine Barrel Furniture


“Order some beautifuly handcrafted Temecula Wine Barrel Furniture from the Hungarian Workshop. We have lots to choose from & even a Bourbon Barrel catagory! “

Our selection of wine barrel furniture is handcrafted with high quality and attention to detail. Our designs are created for high end commercial use making them top of the line. If you ever visited a Stone Brewing Company location you probably have seen our creations. The Hungarian Workshop teamed up with Stone back in 2012 and about 20% of our business goes to them. Of the 800+ barrel lounge chairs we have created about 160 is residing in one of their many many locations. They definitely keep us busy.

Another reason why our Wine and Bourbon barrel furniture line is booming is because of our Interior Leather line. Lots of people with custom wine cellars, man caves or other dedicated home space for wine wanted to bring barrel furniture indoors. To do so I figured adding fine leather upholstery would help increase sales. The leather we use are Italian Full Grain hides. We offer seven different color options and soon we might add a couple more.

“The lounge chairs with tufted upholstery are one of the most comfortable and unique pieces you can own!”

The chair to the left is a wine barrel chair with the Merlot leather option. The curvatures of the barrel staves form perfectly to your body and the 3 inch soft cushioning increases the comfort level to the max. You can replace any old accent chair with one of our finely crafted barrel lounge chairs today. Sale happening now!

If you have someone who is a big fan of whiskey we also have these chairs available made from reclaimed whiskey barrels. The wood will be darker and the inside of the barrel will be black from the charring the distillers put the barrels through. You can read and find out lot more information on the two types of barrels in our Furniture Info page.

Coupon Codes & Newsletter 

If you are looking to save on your next purchase I recommend signing up for our monthly newsletter. We send out coupon codes along with new product updates every month. The best part is, as a new member on the list you automatically will receive a coupon code to save 16% on any furniture piece that is not already on sale!

We also just launched a new section of our shop called the Current Set Deals. Here we put together few of the most commonly purchased grouped items for an easy check out and with additional savings. These will sometimes change so be sure to check back often to see what new deals we got. Most likely we will have the Leather Pub Stool with a good variation of colors to choose from. That’s because we often end up with small square sections of the full hides and only thing we can use them for is the upholstered stool top.

If you have any questions on any of our furniture or home decor please let us know.


-Balazs Moldovan


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