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Stone Brewery Liberty Station

Stone Brewery Liberty Station - Just another fun day in Whiskey Barrel Chairs Stone Brewery Liberty Station – Just another fun day

Today was nice and relaxing day for the Hungarian Workshop. The best part was that it ended at out favorite place, Stone Brewery Liberty Station! No matter how hard the day was, as long as it leads to relaxing in a Whiskey Barrel Chair and enjoying a high quality beer; it is OK with us!

Wine Barrel Chairs at Makers Place San Diego California

The day started out with an open house at Makers Place San Diego CA. It is a workshop where I do all my work and has helped me fast forward this business. Its has been just over a year since I joined the felicity. The entire shop has pretty much kick started the Hungarian Workshop and has turned it to where it is today. During the open house I had a chance to meet and talk to potential customers which is always exciting. Communicating and connecting with people  is very fun especially when they are thrilled about our products. A great benefit was I had a chance to network and meet some people who work at different wineries. Finding a another good source for material is definitely a plus when it comes to this business. Locating barrels can be a pain in the butt when you cant find them, so whenever we have a chance to meet a new supplier we don’t let it slip through.

After the open house at Makers Place it was time to head over to the local hang out: Stone Brewery Liberty Station. Even on a Sunday afternoon the place is was full and busy. Having a place so close by that carries my line of  Whiskey Barrel furniture is amazing!!! Anytime I want come by and see happy faces in my chairs, this is the place to be.

Stone Brewery Liberty Station | HUNGARIAN WORKSHOP


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-Balazs Moldovan


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