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Stone Brewery Deal

Im proud to say that these 2 chairs are sitting in the beer garden at the Stone Brewing Company in Escondido CA.Hi everyone and welcome back!

I am happy to report  that I have sold 2 chairs to one of my favorite beer brewing companies. It all started in the beginning of April when I received a message via Etsy from Frank Busic the general manager at Stone. I must have read that email a dozen times thinking it was too good to be true. I couldn’t believe what a perfect timing this was, right when I’m about to launch my site I get a huge company interested in my product. I emailed Frank back right away and invited him to check out some of my work in person. He came over on Easter Sunday and we talked for a while about few chair ideas and what he was looking to get. With my chairs meeting his approval he purchased 2 of them as a test to see how they will hold up to the hundreds of customers that walk in every week. I pretty much put my life on hold so I could finish the chairs soon as possible for them, ha ha. A couple day later we were on our way to the beer garden to drop off the chairs. When we got there we received a grand tour of the whole place and Frank and I discussed a few more ideas. This is definitely a huge step for me and my business and I’ll be sure to keep the site updated with any big steps like this one.



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