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Southern California Barrel Furniture

The best high end Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture! Check out why the Hungarian Workshop is the Southern California Barrel Furniture Shop.

The Hungarian Workshop has been is business for over 6 years and has wide variety of interior Leather Barrel Furniture and exterior barrel furniture. All designs are available in Wine barrel and from Bourbon Whiskey. If you are huge Tennessee Whiskey fan, they even have a side collection available made from JD branded barrels. Whether you are looking for high end barrel furniture or one of kind home decor, the Hungarian Workshop has both. Beautifully handcrafted and attention to detail is the reason why they are the #1 Southern California Barrel Furniture company.

The most popular item is the Adirondack style lounge chairs. Balazs Moldovan, the owner and craftsman, has made over 800 of these chairs in the past six years. Not to mention the hundred or so Adirondack Redwood chairs he built before venturing into the barrel wood trade. “Since I made so many already (Adirondack chairs) it was an easy transition with the design. Working with the new type of wood that is curved, bent and often twisted was another story.” Barrels are similar but not exactly the same. Trying to use jigs for large productions is useless. Even with all measurements and angles the same, there will always be very subtle cosmetic differences in all furniture pieces. That is the beauty of reclaimed material.

Check out Hungarian Workshop’s work at any Stone Brewing Company locations!

In Southern California Barrel Furniture are very popular. We have plenty of wineries and craft breweries. As well as a few small distilleries popping up now making whiskey and rum. When it comes to barrels, we have tons and tons. Stone Brewing Company is one of the largest craft beer maker here with a hefty amount of tasting rooms and restaurants. The Hungarian Workshop is a proud partner of Stone and has been handcrafting all their barrel furniture since the beginning. It was actually them who gave Balazs his first barrel.

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