Whiskey Barrel Recurved Rocking Chair

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Just like our lounge chairs, these Whiskey Barrel Rocking Chairs are handcrafted for comfort and relaxation. The recurved bottom staves allow the utmost rocking movement creating the leading barrel chairs available. Each stave is polished just right to leave behind the material’s true characteristics and patina. Created entirely from genuine reclaimed bourbon barrels, you will sure to find rocking back and forth your new favorite way to unwind.



Length – 36″  Width – 34″ Height 38″

Weight – 45lbs – 55lbs

Sold Individually 

16 reviews for Whiskey Barrel Recurved Rocking Chair

  1. Patty Rosenberg

    cool rocking chair. Happy I went with this over the standard lounge chairs. The end table is a nice addition as well. The 18 inch height works perfectly for this design.

  2. pat

    I love whiskey and I love drinking whiskey from my new chair

  3. Clint Raves

    Must be a lot of work bending or steaming the wood but obviously the right idea. If you want actual proper rocking go with hungarian workshops chairs.

  4. Edward23

    Nice job guys we really like them

  5. Brianna Dotson

    Our porch is finally complete! Thank you for the great work and we love the table too. Buffalo Trace is our favorite!

  6. whiskey_Ruben

    Definitely well made. Me and my partner are somewhat big and tall and the strength of handmade furniture always concerned us. It’s been months and they are still holding up perfectly.

  7. Susan J. Smith

    Very nice whiskey barrel rocking chairs. At first I was hesitant to commit since the prices point was quit a bit higher than my budged would allow. But I always remember that good old saying you get what you pay for. Great quality work and very helpful customer service. Would recommend to friends and family.

  8. Kristen W.

    Just loved them! Look awesome around the fire pit.

  9. Dave Higgins

    The rocker is sweet but I wish it was finished with a lacquer. I prefer a glossy finish but I can just do that myself sometime.

  10. Brian Quinn

    My friends and I sat on similar barrel rocking chairs but these are far better. The recurved lower staves make these much much better all around. A huge difference in comparison to other.

  11. Melissa G.

    These rocking chairs are a huge hit at our tasting room! We will be ordering couple more once the patio opens up.

  12. Ester Riley

    Very creative in bending the bottom staves more. Other rocking chairs made from barrels don’t have much movement. Kudos!

  13. Jake E.

    The best barrel rocking chairs out there. The extra curved bottom staves really makes these rock properly.

  14. Mike Walker

    Nice and comfortable.

  15. Micheal S.

    The best on the market! Thank you for the quick shipping!

  16. Katia_Wagner

    Excellent! Just what I was looking for. Well worth the wait. Thank You!

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