Whiskey Barrel Gift Set

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Our Whiskey Barrel Gift Set will bring your long search for those ideal presents to its end. This handsome little set is made entirely from reclaimed bourbon whiskey barrels and has everything a person will want or need. In today’s age, almost everyone has a smart phone or tablet and we use them to watch movies or play games more frequently than ever. With our heavy duty stand you can be hands free to enjoy your favorite drink right. While you are between sips our coasters will keep your drink and table top safe. If whiskey isn’t your thing surely you must enjoy some crisp refreshing beer or seltzer where our bottle opener will come in mighty handy. Lastly, the whiskey barrel chucks are a must try for any backyard chef who is looking to add some rich new flavors to the grill.
This Whiskey Barrel Gift Set was created and designed with functionality in mind for that special someone.




1 – Phone/Tablet Stand: 4″wide 6″long 8″tall
4 – Coasters: 4″x 4″
1 – Bottle Opener – 2″x7″
1 – Wood Chunks – 2lbs
NOTE: The whiskey barrel wood chucks will come in a bag. Their shape will vary from the pictures.
All items in our curated set is made from left over material from our popular furniture line. Please allow some difference in wood patinas and over all appearances.


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