Whiskey Barrel Edison Light #7


By combining the rugged industrial look with some rustic charm, these dimmable lights will be a whiskey enthusiast best friend. The bases are handmade from genuine reclaimed Kentucky barrels, making our lights truly authentic and one of a kind. We use thicker 3/4″ heavy duty piping through out and our light sockets are the same matching color. The Edison bulbs we use are the spiral filament design made by GE. Last but not least, the often visible power cord. We did not want to skimp on those either. The fully braided black lines bring these elegantly handcrafted lights to completion.

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These important key features make our Whiskey Barrel Edison Lights the highest premium quality.

– Whiskey Barrel Wood Base
– Pipe Matching DIMMABLE Light Sockets
– High Quality Spiral GE Edison Bulb
– Thicker robust 3/4″ Piping
– Appealing Braided Power Cord

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