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It’s time for bourbon and with this beautifully handcrafted Bourbon Barrel Wall Clock you will always know what time it is. Made from genuine aged bourbon barrels, this large rustic wooden wall clock is high quality with amazing attention to detail. The most important and a one of kind feature is that all the roman numerals are handmade from the actual barrel bands. NO PAINTING OR LASER ENGRAVING HERE.

Each clock is unique and virtually one of kind because we use a wide variety of barrel heads from many different distilleries. This bourbon barrel clock will be a great focal point in any living room, kitchen, lounge or wherever a true whiskey enthusiast wants to place it.

Time is ticking so order one today! Cheers!

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Dimensions: 22″x22″x2 1/2″

IMPORTANT NOTE: We use real bourbon barrels to make our clocks. NOT WINE BARRELS. Old and heavily used bourbon barrels which have imperfection. The barrel heads may have cracks, splits, smudges, and stains. NOT all barrel heads will look the same or have the same distillery stamp. The stamping is also genuine markings left behind from the distilleries. (We don’t use spray paint to make our own.) Some markings will be more legible than others. Please keep in mind we choose the barrel heads best suitable for the project. However we will always use a barrel head with some sort of distillery marking.
Due to shipping concerns, the clock hands will not come installed. They are somewhat fragile and we rather not have them show up bent or broken because of negligent carrier. They are very simple to install and instructions are on the package. Batteries not included. Hangs up by a V clip in the back. The screw you use should have a large head and must go into a stud.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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Kentucky Bourbon, J.D. Tennessee Whiskey


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