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Shipping can be a make the deal or break the deal for some people. No one wants to spend over the half cost on shipping for anything. For example  if you were to buy something for $100 the last thing you want is shipping to cost over $50. If you were to see a charge like that the first thing you’ll do is try to find a local dealer and pick it up your self.  Therefore I came up with an easy solution to make all my boxes myself. Shipping companies will charge a fortune because they are not worried about shipping price and fees. Sure the item will be packed safely and securely but when it comes time to pay you will definitely rethink your decision.  What I do is simply make a crate that is just the right size for all my furniture. That way there is no extra amount of room that is just filled with foam costing you money. I take standard 2×4 and rip it into 3/4 inch slices and create a frame that provides the up most protection. Then I staple cardboard to it, and in no time I got a heavy-duty custom shipping crate. I then fill all nooks and crevices with foam board and packaging paper that absorb all forces of pressure or impacts that may occur during transport. When you buy from me you will be happy to know that you’re getting a great deal because I go out of my way to save you money and provide excellent shipping service.Coffee table shipping box

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