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San Diego Home And Garden Show

Wine & Whiskey Barrel Chairs at the Home & Garden ShowLast weekend we had a great opportunity to show off our barrel chairs at the 28th Annual Home  & Garden Show in Del Mar. It was the first time the Hungarian Workshop was featured in such a large event and the results were amazing. Just 3 days of exposure has done wonders for the business. With retailers calling and custom orders on the way, this was definitely an opportunity of a life time.

Hungarian Workshop at the Spring Home And Garden ShowIt all started last week when I received an email from Navid Mostatabi from Envision Landscape Studios.  They showed me an amazing display plan drawn up which had a fantastic modern yet natural look, and I knew I had to be a part of it. The plans originally called for some standard Adirondack Chairs but they said they wanted something different. Something that would standout from the ordinary and really capture people eyes. So that is where the Hungarian Workshop came in and made it happen.

Barrel Chairs at the Spring Home And Garden ShowWith only a few days left to complete a project I jump to work right away. After all it’s NOT everyday you get to show off your handmade furniture for thousands of people to see. In storage I already had enough staves prepped for two Whiskey Barrel Chairs, which was a life saver. Even though I did not have a wine barrel laying around I still wanted to show off our wine barrel furniture as well. I made a few phone calls and a couple of minutes later I was on my way to pick up the perfect barrel. I am never a big fan when it comes to rushing especially when it involves furniture making, but sometimes you may have no choice. Eventually orders like that will come along and knowing how to handle them is a big plus. Since situations like this are definitely not new to us, we were able to pull it off without any problems what so ever.

Wine & Whiskey Barrel Chairs at the Home And Garden ShowThe Home And Garden Show had a great turnout. Hundredths of my business cards went out and the fallowing week the orders started coming in. I would like to thank Navid at Envision Landscape Studios for this wonderful opportunity and hopefully you will see the Hungarian Workshop at other Home And Garden Shows in the future.


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