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San Diego Bourbon Barrel Furniture

The Hungarian Workshop makes high end barrel furniture here in southern California. We are the #1 San Diego Bourbon Barrel Furniture creators. SHOP NOW

If you have visited sunny San Diego or lucky enough to live here you probably have enjoyed the many craft breweries available to us. One of the biggest and most popular in the county is Stone Brewing Company. We have been working with them for over 6 years and now all their locations carry some of our product lines. It was through them how we received our first barrel ever and created a barrel lounge chair. In their Escondido location, in the garden you can even find barrel chair #2. ( I have #1, ha)

Each year the Hungarian Workshop crafts about 100 wine or bourbon whiskey barrel lounge chairs. It is our most popular item and we have shipped all over the US and even some parts of Europe. The chairs also can be made into our signature Recurved Rockers. The best out on the market. Most people may not know that the barrels staves alone don’t provide enough motion to be a proper rocking chair. We actually recurve the wood into a heftier arch that lets the user rock and back forth much more. If you are looking for a true barrel rocking chair, look out for that. I can not stress this enough. If you find your self comparing, just take a look at the bottom staves between our rockers and others.

San Diego Bourbon Barrel Furniture by the Hungarian Workshop

Another great option is the Interior Leather line. We have turned everyones favorite barrel lounge chairs into a classy and high end version. The Italian full grain leather hides add a one kind look that is a must have for wine lovers and true whisky advocates. The tufted upholstery is soft and comfortable that will be the focus point in any room. The leather is available in 7 different colors. And don’t forget, these also can be turned into Recurved Rockers.


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