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San Diego Beer and Wine Barrels

“We upcycle hundreds of barrels every years to make our signature furniture. San Diego Beer and Wine Barrels are a great source for us in sunny California.”

In the Hungarian Workshop we get our barrels from where ever we can. However. here in beautiful sunny San Diego luckily we have plenty of wineries, breweries and even distilleries. In the past 8 years we have made a lot of excellent connection with some big and well known companies to keep us busy and stocked up. Our best and most frequent customer is Stone Brewing Company. They have been with us since the start and they ordered well over 200+ pieces.

Stone has locations all over San Diego, the east coast and even China. Many of these locations also carry our very popular furniture line. For them the most common order is our signature lounge chairs which we are now getting close to making our 1000th. This spring we are having a huge sale with saving of 40%. Please check out our Current Sales & Set Deals page and save big today!

Most wineries are a bit north in Temecula and their wine barrels are great. The deep red and burgundy colors left from the wine make all furniture pieces just amazing. Each pieces is sealed with Brazilian Rosewood oil that protects from all weather elements. Keep away harmful UV rays from the sun and seal the oak from moisture. With proper placement and care each piece of furniture can be enjoyed for years to come. I in fact still have barrel chair #1 on my patio holding up strong.

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-San Diego Beer and Wine Barrels


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