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Rustic Interior Design Ideas

“We deal with many companies who are always looking for rustic interior design ideas. We specialize in handcrafted Wine & Whiskey barrel furniture.”

All of our furniture is available for purchase through our ONLIE SHOP.

Our clientele includes a few big names – Whole Foods Market, Stone Brewing Co. and the Wine Enthusiast. Last month we even received a full page in their Magazine! Here we will show you some of our best sellers but be sure to browse through our ONLINE SHOP you might just find that certain piece you must have.

Rustic Interior Design Ideas | Hungarian WorkshopWine Barrel Bar Table & Bar Chairs – Our Wine Barrel Bar Tables are designed with style, elegance and charm in mind. This unique hour glass shape gives this pieces a very sleek and attractive appearance that everyone will sure to admire. The Wine Barrel’s rings add sturdiness to the table’s foundation while working as a pleasant foot rest. The table top is created from used Wine Barrel lids that have been saturated with the beautiful colors left behind from the wine, ranging from red, burgundy and purple. With stainless steel hardware added for maximum durability and strength, this bar tables will be enjoyed by all for many years to come.

The Bar Chair is made completely out of Wine Barrels and it is able to swivel 360 degrees or 180 degrees memory swivel. The metal ring works as a foot rest while adding strength to the chairs lower frame. Because stainless steel hardware is used throughout the chair, it can be placed indoor and outdoor. The Teak Oil finish keeps the wood from drying and will repel moisture while keeping the barrels natural patina. Designed with comfort in mind the arm and back rest will keep you supported and relaxed for extended periods of time. Great for any type of bars, patio and decks.

The "Snap" Wine and Whiskey End Tables - Rustic Interior Design Ideas | Hungarian Workshop

Rustic Interior Design Ideas

End Tables – The “Snap” Wine & Whiskey Barrel End Tables were designed to maximize our material usage and minimize waste. With barrel tops and hoops towering over our heads, our goal was to create a functional and practical item which we can market to wide variety of costumers. The simplicity and expenditure of these tables are their huge selling point to anyone who would love to own a reclaimed and Eco friendly piece.

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-Balazs Moldovan

Rustic Interior Design Ideas

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