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Repurposed Furniture Ideas

“Repurposed Furniture Ideas from the Hungarian Workshop. Amazing handcrafted furniture from Wine & Whiskey Barrels. See all creations in the ONLINE STORE.”

The Hungarian Workshop is a San Diego bassed custom furniture company that specializes in up cycling Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture. They are the ones who create all Stone Brewing Company’s outdoor furniture and Whole Foods’ Bar furniture in some locations. They can also be found in the Wine Enthusiast catalogs and a few features in their 2014 magazines. If you have any questions or comments please feel to contact them here.

Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair | Repurposed Furniture Ideas

Lounge Chairs

Made completely out of old Whiskey Barrels, this lounge chair is designed simply for relaxing. Ideal for any room in the house and can be a beautiful piece in the office to impress clients and co-workers. Each chair is handcrafted with care and finished with high quality Brazilian Rosewood Oil to bring out the wood’s natural patinas while protecting it.

Whether you’re reading a book, playing on your mobile device or just enjoying your favorite whiskey, this is one lounge chair you won’t want get out of.

Chairs at Stone Brewing Co | Repurposed Furniture Ideas

Adirondack Chairs

The staves of the Whiskey Barrel Chair have been charred and that is why the they have that great black, brown or on some occasion a dark green patina.

Each one is handmade with quality craftsmanship and with attention to detail. All the barrel staves are curved just the right amount which provides excellent support through out your entire body. They are lightly sanded just enough to take away any dirt and grim left behind from the aging process, meanwhile without removing any of the natural colors. With stainless steel clips underneath to ensure structural durability and strength.

The whiskey barrel chairs come in 2 different styles: the back slats open on top or closed. (please let us know which you prefer below when ordering).

Whiskey Round Coffee Table | Repurposed Furniture IdeasCoffee Table

This beautiful coffee table is made from up-cycled old Whiskey Barrels. The table top and the inside of the bottom have the distinguished whiskey barrel charred finish which was done by the distilleries to give the whiskey its great flavor and color. Made completely from American White Oak, this unique table will be an excellent conversation piece for decades to come.


Repurposed Furniture Ideas

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