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Recycled Whiskey Barrels – 10 Handcrafted Ideas: Part 2

“Part 2 of blog: Recycled Whiskey Barrels – 10 Handcrafted Ideas, here are a couple more great ideas!”

Whiskey Barrel Bar Table - Recycled Whiskey Barrels – 10 Handcrafted Ideas

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1. Our Whiskey Barrel Bar Tables are designed with style, elegance and charm in mind. The unique hour glass shape gives this pieces a very sleek and attractive appearance that everyone will sure to admire. The Whiskey Barrel’s ring adds strength to the table’s foundation while working as a pleasant foot rest. The table top is created from used Whiskey Barrel lids that have been completely charred to give the whiskey its great smokey flavor and distinctive color. With stainless steel hardware added for maximum durability and straight, this bar tables will be enjoyed by all for many years to come.

Whiskey Barrel Pizza Cutter - Recycled Whiskey Barrels – 10 Handcrafted Ideas2. This will be the last pizza cutter you will ever have to buy! The handle is made from a one inch thick and twelve inches long reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Stave. The cutting wheel is a robust and well-balanced hardware 3X the weight of competing cutters and a sharp 4″ diameter stainless steel blade. With a leather lace for easy display storage. A must have for any whiskey and pizza lovers.

Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Pipes - Recycled Whiskey Barrels – 10 Handcrafted Ideas3. The Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Pipes admit rich savory flavors leaving an enjoyable and pleasant after taste. Made from genuine American Oak barrel staves and barrel tops, these will be a unique gift for any whiskey and pipe smoking enthusiast.

Whiskey Barrel Cutting Board - Recycled Whiskey Barrels – 10 Handcrafted Ideas4. This cutting board is made entirely from reclaimed Whiskey Barrels. The barrel’s tops have been taken apart, milled down and rejoined vertically to create an extra thick surface. One end of the cutting board is kept raw to show off the wood authenticity. A great conversation piece while serving up appetizers.

Whiskey Barrel Head Board - Recycled Whiskey Barrels – 10 Handcrafted Ideas5. Made from reclaimed Whiskey Barrels, this headboard will most definitely be the focal point in any bedroom. The smooth designs allows the barrel staves’ shapes and colors burst out and direct attention. The slight curves and angles of the material adds a nice noticeable texture to the surface. Created at a conferrable five foot height that allows maximum exposure and will work with all bedding.

Recycled Whiskey Barrels – 10 Handcrafted Ideas by The Hungarian Workshop

-Balazs Moldovan


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