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Recycled Barrel Furniture San Diego

“We have a beautiful collection of Recycled Barrel Furniture here in San Diego. Choose from wine or whiskey barrels which ever fits you best. SHOP NOW”

Recycled Barrel Furniture San Diego

We make the finest quality barrel furniture here in Sunny San Diego. We source our material from the local vineyards, brewers and distillers. Our online shop offers a wide variety of handcrafted furniture as well as home decor. We have been in business since 2012 and we are about to make our 1000th barrels chair. Since the beginning I have been numbering our chairs to have the knowledge of just how many we have made. I have been making Adirondack style chairs in past and I never kept tabs on how many I have produced. Once I made my first barrel chair I know I wanted to change that.

Making my first barrel chair!

I made my first whiskey barrel chair in June of 2012. Just by luck I had a photographer from the San Diego Union Tribune do a piece on the shared workshop I was working out from at the time. We captured pictures of the first ever Hungarian Workshop barrel chair getting made. I still have that chair right out side my patio now. Rain or shine it still holding up strong. Maybe a bit weathered but that’s what adds character.

Recycled Barrel Furniture San Diego

Whiskey Barrel Chair #1

We are currently running a huge spring sale to ramp up production and to hit our 1000th barrel chair in the next few weeks. With all the other designs which are not numbered I kept a steady Instagram journal. With that I can always look back and see mostly all my previous work. If you interested please feel free to check us out and see what’s our latest creation.

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