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Recycled Barrel Furniture For The Best Outdoor Living

If you are a wine or whiskey drinker we will have the most ideal furniture for your home garden or patio. We have been handcrafting furniture from reclaimed barrels for 10 years. Our designs include lounge chairs, barstools, tables and more. Please feel free to check out our online shop now!

When it comes to outdoor living our signature lounge chairs are must have. We have made over 1100 of them! They come in a couple versions: Wine or whiskey, Wide or narrow top backrest and the option as a rocker too. The rocking chairs we make are the best available on the market. You probably hear that claim all the time but an important fact about ours is that we recurve the rocking stave to perfection.

This means that the bottom stave which you rock back and fort on is steamed for a couple hours then curved to the ideal shape for proper motion. This concept is actually a must if you want a rocking chair. Whiskey barrels have a very slight curve only which almost have no rocking motion at all. The shortest and widest wine barrels will come close to be a great rocker but those are also rare. For these reasons the best concept was just to make our own custom bottom staves.

“Our first chair is still standing strong after a decade!”

Recycled Barrel Furniture For The Best Outdoor Living can be a great way to be “green” while enjoying the great out doors. French and American white oak is highly resistant to weathering and it’s very durable. I even have my first chair still which was made back in 2012. It might be rustic and faded in color but structurally it is still solid. All of our furniture is finish with an exterior protective oil which will help with longevity and can be easily re-applied when necessary.

Recycled Barrel Furniture For The Best Outdoor Living

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