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The Timeless Style Of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

 Reclaimed Wood Furniture: Made from used Wine Barrels by The Hungarian WorkshopReclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture is growing more popular every day. Which is a great thing because there is plenty of good material out there that sometimes goes to waste. Whether it’s wood, metal or fabric you can always give a second life to anything with a little bit of creativity.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture: Wine Barrel Bar Stool by the Hungarian Workshop

Our reclaimed wood furniture made out of Wine & Whiskey barrels have been the Hungarian Workshop’s number one selling items. I started using French & American Oak barrel about a year ago and I have not had a chance to work with anything else. Needless to say I feel pleased and gratified knowing that I have turned over 160 used barrels into furniture that will last a life time.

Finding the barrels can be tricky. I have ran into trouble tracking down quality barrels in the past when I would receive larger orders. Finding wine barrels here in Southern California thankfully isn’t too hard. However when it comes to Whiskey Barrel Furniture, it is a whole different story. Luckily I am good friends with Stone Brewing Co. because they age some of their excellent beers in used Whiskey Barrels. They are also my largest clients who order regularly. Be sure to check out their four amazing locations and try out our chairs. Stone Farms, Stone Liberty Station, Stone in Escondido & Oceanside.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture from used Whiskey Barrel | Hungarian Workshop

The process can be a little time consuming while working with used barrels. Just prepping and sanding one barrel can be a few hours. It may seem very simple to make chairs, tables, love seats etc., but one thing everyone over looks is that not one barrel is exactly alike. Definitely took some practicing getting used to.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture: The Wine Barrel Love Seat by The Hungarian Workshop


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Whiskey Barrel Bench in Coronado

-Balazs Moldovan



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