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Reclaimed Handmade Rustic Furniture

“Reclaimed Handmade Rustic Furniture IS OUR SPECIALTY! Our main line of furniture is handcrafted from used Wine and Whiskey barrels. All barrels are cleaned and sanded just the right amount to leave behind their true history. SHOP TODAY and save 16% on bourbon barrel furniture.

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Reclaimed Handmade Rustic FurnitureReclaimed Handmade Rustic Furniture – 

Our barrel furniture is well know throughout southern California. We have partnered up with Stone Brewing Company in 2012 and have been growing ever since. I just finished making my 727 barrel chair.

Reclaimed Handmade Rustic FurnitureThe Barrel Lounge Chairs and Rockers are our number one sellers. We have shipped them all over the country and also to a few other parts of the world. Each one is numbered and comes in a few different variation. You can choose to have them made from Wine barrels or Bourbon Whiskey barrels. Then you can choose to have the backrest in two different styles. Open Top or Closed Top. If you want a some motion while relaxing then I highly recommend our Recurved Rockers. They are top of the line when it comes to barrel rocking chairs. The bottom staves are recurved to be the ideal curvature for proper motion. (Most companies simply use a wine stave but barrels are not actually curved the right amount.)

Reclaimed Handmade Rustic FurnitureNow if you want to go the full luxury line then our Interior Leather Line is a must have. Same furniture, but now with beautifully tufted Full Grain Italian Leather upholstery. There you can choose from six color pallets for your leather. We have quite a collection to choose from so be sure to browse around in all our categories.

If you need any help or just a have quick question please feel free to contact us or send me a direct message at

-Balazs Moldovan

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