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Maker’s Mark Whiskey Barrels

“We are carrying over 100 reclaimed barrels and lots of them are Maker’s Mark Whiskey Barrels. With the inventory organized, you can now pick from a few brands. BUY HERE NOW!!!

In past when your ordered a full size barrel from us you would have received the first barrel that we pulled from the stack. Barrels are stored on top of another so searching through for specific brands was not an option. When we had a large quantity of barrels with 20+ distillery brands at couple different locations, trying to keep a tab where which ones were was difficult.

At this time we have a smaller batch with few distillery brands. It may sound like a down grade but in reality it is a big plus. With less brands we can now keep a better organized warehouse and actually offer from the choices available. A big to for many customers are the Maker’s Mark Whiskey Barrels. It is a well know whisky brand that many people love.

The full size barrels are available in our Online Store under the Recycle Bin section. The Maker’s Mark Whiskey BarrelsĀ are 22″ in diameter and 34″ tall. The middle section is a little wider around 26″. When high in moisture content the barrels may weight somewhere in the 120lbs range. When dryer they will be around 80-90lbs. Most of our barrel will be the dryer ones. We store all our barrel indoors to keep them clean and in an over all better quality.

Our barrel furniture is loved world wide! Check out our home decor section to find that perfect gift for that true bourbon enthusiast!

Be sure to browse through our furniture line as well. We are southern California’s #1 Wine and Bourbon Barrel Furniture company. Our products have been in several magazines and we are Stone Brewing Company’s barrel furniture partners. All of Stone’s locations have our chairs, tables and barstools. We have created well over 800 of the very popular lounge chairs and we are aiming to hit 1000 this year.

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-Balazs Moldovan

Maker’s Mark Whiskey Barrels


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