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Los Angeles Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture

“Want to see some thing cool? Los Angeles Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture by the Hungarian Workshop is worth a quick glance. SHOP NOW!”

Looking for some beautifully handcrafted wine and whiskey barrel furniture or decor? The Hungarian Workshop of southern California has created a furniture line that has been corner stone of all barrel designs. Each piece is made with great quality and attention to detail. All wooden barrel staves are hand selected for each specific project. We have a large indoor warehouse where we keep all material and let the oak rest properly. No outdoor yards where the oak would over whether and turn nothing but gray.

When choosing between wine or whiskey it’s mainly up to you. Simple preference really. If you are a big wine enthusiast you will love the light colored oak with the reds and burgundy stains left behind from the wine. The signature curves from wine barrels create some of the most comfortable lounge chairs available. If you want to set up your wine room with a one of kind feature we suggest you take peek at our Interior Leather line as well. A must see if you want to achieve that true high end look.

The whiskey barrel wood a bit different from wine. Some people describe it as rugged and manly, but don’t let that sway your mind. If you are like me who loves reclaimed wood with as much characteristics as possible, this is definitely the route to go with. The American white oak is charred on the inside and the outside usually will have more darker features. Deep forest greens, rusty reds and golden oak with dark grains patterns. With the right amount of prep work, the quarter sawn oak shows off incredible tiger stripe like grain pattering.

Los Angeles Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture

Please join the up cycling movement by investing in some reclaimed barrel wood furniture that you will enjoy for years to come. Don’t for get tp sing up for our newsletter to save 16% on your first purchase and be sure to let us know if you are military or first responder. We like to take care of you guys since you take care of all of us.


Don’t forget about our home decor and accessories section. If you only have space for something small you can still own a signature Hungarian Workshop item. Click here to view more!

-Balazs Moldovan

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