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Leather Whiskey Lounge Chairs

“Our Leather Whiskey Lounge Chairs are one of kind. Enjoy the luxurious Italian full grain leather with authentic relcimaed bourbon whiskey barrel wood.”

Im sure you have seen lounge chairs made from up-cycled whiskey barrels. It is a popular design that everybody enjoys. We at the Hungarian Workshop have turned everyone favorite Adirondack style barrel chairs and added an interior twist. Our chairs are fully upholstered with beautifully tufted Italian leather. Whether you like wine or whiskey, we got you covered.

Our bourbon whiskey barrel lounge chairs are made for comfort and style. We now offer seven different leather colors to match anyones taste. First we have everyones favorite, Bourbon. It is a lighter brown with orange tones. Then we have Sangria, a strong vibrant red. If you like simple and bold then Stout black is your style. Merlot is our number one seller. The deep maroon looks great anywhere. Espresso is a rich coffee brown. Scotch is that special smokey brown that look uniform with either wine or bourbon barrel wood. The last and newest color is the Reisling. A clean and dynamic white. If you want a beautiful piece to jump out and be noticed right away, this is definitely what you want.

In the past few years we have worked many interior designer and have furnished quite a few tasting rooms and bistros. Along with many private home cellars. Here in southern California our Leather Whiskey Lounge Chairs have been a huge hit. Don’t forget if you want the Recurved Rocker that is also available with leather upholstery.

If you are a designer please don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer designer discounts and return customer deals. Please be sure to sign up for our online newsletter to receive a 16% OFF coupon code instantly. We are also working on a new leather chair that will be out end of the month. STAY TUNED!

Leather Whiskey Lounge Chairs

-Balazs Moldovan

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