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Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrels

“We have quite a few Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrels in stock. Shop now while supplies last.”

Occasionally we receive some branded JD Tennessee Whiskey barrels from our suppliers. This year we got quite a few so we were able to create the Tennessee Whiskey Barrel furniture line and also offer a few as full barrels for home decor. The barrels are roughly 22″x22″x34″ and weight about 90-100lbs. Please note that colors and over all appearance varies from barrel to barrel. Not one is exactly alike.

Once we receive our Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrels we build a moderate inventory to help decrease turn around time. When we have all that we can store, we offer up the extra barrels. This way we don’t sit on too many and because they can dry out we don’t have to worry about their shelf life. (in a sense) What most people may not know is that barrels are only completely solid while they are hydrated. We live in southern California by the beach so humidity level are relative high. Which slows down this process drastically. If you are residing in places like Nevada or Arizona where dry heat is common, the barrels will need to be hosed down with water often to keep water tight.

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrels that we get are fairly old with a lot of characteristic. Perfect for home decor and man caves. Most of the time they are used for out door patio tables. If you have a project in mind with your favorite whiskey brand these barrels are the way to go! The wood is American white oak which was quarter sawn that shows off amazing grain patterers and highly rot resistant. The staves are 1″ thick so you won’t have to worry about weakness.

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrels – SHIPPING INFO

When is comes time to shipping barrels unfortunately there is no way around high shipping costs. Essentially barrels are big heavy empty containers that carriers love to place extra charges on. When you order 1-2 we have to ship as FedEx Ground. It will get to you in 3-5 days, (very fast) however they place an $80 oversize on the shipment simply because of its size. basically almost doubling the shipping cost. A single barrel from say San Diego to New York will cost you just in shipping, about $180. It will come straight to your door in 5 days but you will have to pay the price. Now when you order 4 or more we can send as freight and start cutting the price per barrel down drastically. Trucking routes vary so if you are looking to buy in bulk please give us a call or email us so we can get you good rate.

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-Balazs Moldovan

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrels

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