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Jack Daniel’s Barrel Furniture

“We have the must have item for the true Jack Daniel’s Barrel Furniture collector. Fully upholstered leather three piece barrel chair set. Must see now!”

Jack Daniel's Barrel Furniture


Sometimes in the truck loads of barrel we receive we come across a few special treasures. Even though we have found many Jack Daniel’s barrel in the past, it’s not often fully branded with their name. That is an important thing to remember when you are looking for Jack Daniel’s barrels. Out of all the hundred thousands of barrel they make and age whiskey in, the company doesn’t actually burn a huge logo into all. Most will just have a regular small ink stamp on the top and bottom. So anytime the Hungarian Workshop has one we make sure it’s used wisely.

J.D. Set
Jack Daniel’s Barrel Furniture

An excellent show pieces for a true J.D. collector or an all around whiskey enthusiast. Tufted leather Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair and matching Ottoman with an authentic End Table. Handcrafted from a single reclaimed barrel and designed with only high quality and comfort in mind.

The chair design is pretty much similar to our original barrel lounge chairs. Very laid back and relaxing. The ideal piece to sit back and sip on your favorite Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. The leather is Full-Grain Italian Leather which presents beautiful patinas that will enhance with age. Soft to the touch and tough for years to come. The tufted upholstery adds high class and comfort all the way. The cushion foam is thick and soft so you can really sit back and unwind.

J.D. SetThe ottoman also features the fully tufted leather upholstery which is a must have for any lounge chair customers. Kicking back and putting your feet up is a must. The angles of the ottoman provides great support for your legs without being up too high. It fits perfectly right up to chair’s front creating a one pieces feel and appearance.

J.D. SetThe End Table is a huge show piece for the set because it has the full logo burnt into the center making the distillery brand very distinct. These tables are one of our best selling items. After all anytime you are enjoying the a beverage it’s nice to have a place to set things down.

We only have a limited supply of our Jack Daniel’s leather sets. If you are interested in more than a couple please contact me directly ( and we can discuss quantity and lead-time.

Jack Daniel’s Barrel Furniture

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Jack Daniel’s Barrel Furniture   




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