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Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels by the Hungarian Workshop


“We are southern California’s #1 barrel furniture company. Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels and Wine Barrels has been our specialty for over 5 years.”

Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels

Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels | Recurved Bourbon Barrel Rocker
Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels | Recurved Bourbon Barrel Rocker

Welcome to the Hungarian Workshop! If you are looking for handcrafted Wine and Bourbon Barrel Furniture you found the right site. We have over 30 different pieces to choose from and have our Recycle Bin where you can find barrel hardware. Lids, rings, full staves, scraps and full size Wine, Bourbon and Scotch barrels are all available for purchase as well.

Bourbon Barrel EZ ChairWe have teamed up with Stone Brewing Company about 4 years ago and with this great partnership we have been growing bigger every year. Another great business partner is the Wine Enthusiast. They have featured couple of our products in their magazines and orders from them has bin pouring in. Soon we should have our new Interior Leather Line up on their site as well.

Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels

J.D. Set

We use barrels from all over the midwest. Distilleries include Jim Beam, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Maker’s Mark, etc. Occasionally I get my hands on some Jack Daniel’s barrels that I love to turn into one of kind works of beauty and functional art.

J.D. Set  – An excellent show pieces for a true J.D. collector or an all around whiskey enthusiast. Tufted leather Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair and matching Ottoman with an authentic End Table. Handcrafted from a single reclaimed barrel and designed with only high quality and comfort in mind.

Working with this material has been very fun and has allowed my general interest and hobby to turn into a full time career. Using only reclaimed and curved material has made simply woodworking more of an art form. When I used to make only dressers and tables, I felt more like a machine just cranking out square items. And with all the new technology around like CNCs and laser engravers, the idea of a craftsman or “handmade” seems to be dwindling away. Building with such unique and unpredictable material as barrels gives me a sense of security because a machine will never be useful for what we do.

Bourbon Barrel End Tables

Furniture Made From Whiskey Barrels

Our Bourbon barrel line includes chairs, ottomans, end tables, pub tables, pub stools and pub chairs. Each and every item is handcrafted with attention to detail. Bourbon barrels are made from quarter sawn American White Oak. Usually about one inches thick and widths range from one and half to five inches. The inside of the barrels go through a heavy toasting that leaves the wood fully charred. This charring is what gives the whiskey its great color and taste. When we clean the staves we pretty much knock off all the charring but leave the smooth black finish behind. The outside of the barrel will have colors range from dark browns, greens, and blacks. And same as the inside, we clean them just enough to keep all the beautiful patine that shows of the material true history.

Bourbon Barrel Chair w/ Open Top


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