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Fine Quality Barrel Head Clocks For The Holidays

We buy our barrels by the hundreds and after we break them down our barrel head inventory stacks up pretty high. Our typical designs with them are usually tables like end tables, nightstands or pub tables. However, we needed to start going through them faster. Each barrel has two heads, so a standard shipment would leaves us with over 300 barrel heads. Our table designs are popular but not enough to use up several hundreds in just a few weeks. The Barrel Head Clocks were a huge hit instantly.

Barrel Head Clocks

“Plenty of Barrel Head Clocks in stock for the 2021 holiday”

We take great pride in focusing on the fine quality craftsmanship for our furniture line, and same for the Barrel Head Clocks. There is a great deal of prep work that goes into a single Barrel Head Clock. Plenty of sanding and char removal needs to be done while maintaining the wood true characteristics and patina. This process can be tricky but we found a way. Most barrel heads are not perfectly flat. This is also another hurdle to over come. With the right amount of milling and utilizing the right design we can get them much more flatter.

Last holiday season it was our biggest seller. We made a big batch of Barrel Head Clocks in November thinking it will hold up through December. We ended up selling out before thanksgiving! Needless to say it was a good problem for sure. The next several weeks we are just playing catch up to keep up with demand. The good news was, we were able to. Not one order shipped late. As all small business probably know, the holiday season is the time to work weekends and overtime.

For the 2021 Holiday season we want to be more prepared so the inventory build started this month. If you are a save shopper and don’t like to wait till the last minute check out our Barrel Head Clocks now.

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-Balazs Moldovan

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