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When Did Whiskey Barrel Furniture Become Elegant?

 Could be future Whiskey Barrel Furniture for the Hungarian WorkshopWhiskey Barrel Furniture are a great way to stay “Green”. Recycling and Up-cycling old items and used material has become very popular in the recent years. It’s not just popular, it has even become very important and a must for a few people. Which is great because sometimes we forget and not realize how many things we waste and discard. Simply all it takes is a little bit of creativity, and an everyday items can have a whole new second  life.

Most often when you see an old barrel it will be a trash can or it’s been cut in half and turned into a planter. Those are good and easy ways to re-use them but not great. The fact is that Wine and Whiskey barrels are made from white oak. A type of wood that is perfect to use for most wood working projects and can be pretty pricey when purchased brand new. If you ever had the chance to visited a winery or a distillery you probably have seen the hundredths of barrel they go through each year stacked in a huge pile. It’s a sight like that that will make you say “There must be another use for them.”, even if you’re not a woodworker or environmentalist.

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It has now been over a year since I started working with used barrels and I am happy to report that it seems people have really took a liking to my Wine & Whiskey Barrel Furniture. The key element in turning an old barrel into furniture is detail. Just because it’s rustic furniture it does not mean there should be nails sticking out, have rough edges, etc. The way to make up-cycled material look elegant in my eyes is to go above and beyond, to the point where you may not even be able to tell what the item was previously. Each time I have to explain where the wood came from to somebody, I feel a great amount of satisfaction and confidence in my work.

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