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Eco Friendly Furniture

“Eco Friendly Furniture by the Hungarian Workshop offers beautiful handcrafted furniture from Wine and Whiskey Barrels. Made for Indoor and Outdoor.”

All of out furniture is available in our ONLINE STOREEco Friendly Furniture

The Hungarian Workshop is a San Diego bassed custom furniture company that specializes in up cycling Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture. They are the ones who create all Stone Brewing Company’s outdoor furniture and Whole Foods’ Bar furniture in some locations. They can also be found in the Wine Enthusiast catalogs and a few features in their 2014 magazines. If you have any questions or comments please feel to contact them here.

Wine Barrel Dining Chair - Hungarian Workshop | Eco Friendly FurnitureAlthough these chairs are designed to with stand an excessive amount of weight, they still maintain plenty of elegant features while keeping their semi rustic charm. Because of the barrel’s natural curves, the seat and back rest will allow you to remain comfortable for an extended period of time. All the colors and patinas left behind from the wine and the coopers are original that will give each chair its very own characteristics.

Eco Friendly Furniture

Wine Barrel Bench | Eco Friendly FurnitureThis handcrafted bench is made completely from used wine barrels. It is designed with charm and elegance in mind while possessing great stability. The curvature of each stave contours perfectly to ones body which also providing a nice even comfort. Stainless steel hardware is added to maximize strength and durability. Finished with Brazilian Rosewood Oil, giving a high end protection for indoor and outdoor usage.

Whiskey Headboard | Eco Friendly FurnitureMade from reclaimed Whiskey Barrels, this headboard will most definitely be the focal point in any bedroom. The smooth designs allows the barrel staves’ shapes and colors burst out and direct attention. The slight curves and angles of the material adds a nice noticeable texture to the surface. Created at a conferrable five foot height that allows maximum exposure and will work with all bedding.

Eco Friendly Furniture


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