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Custom Furniture San Diego

“The Hungarian Workshop is a great source for Custom Furniture San Diego. Beautiful Wine and Whiskey Barrel furniture along with many unique household items.”


Whiskey Barrel End Table | Custom Furniture San DiegoIf you are a Wine Enthusiast or Whisky Advocate and in search for creative items, then look no further. The Hungarian Workshop has been making furniture from Wine & Whiskey barrels for the last two and half years and picked up a few big clientele along the way. You may have seen our pieces at Whole Foods Markets, the gardens at Stone Brewing Company and in the Wine Enthusiast catalogs and magazines.

The Story

The Hungarian Workshop first started out as a furniture company making patio set out in Las Vegas. A short year later we made to the move to south California where we felt opportunities would open up more doors to bigger and better things. (Boy we were right!) With in the first six months we had Stone Brewing Co. contacting us and it was with them where the whole better furniture got started. Right after I finished my first barrel chair and took it back for the managers to see and orders started. With in that first sunny San Diego year is when we officially phased out Redwood and Cedar furniture and focused mainly on our new Upcycled Barrel Furniture Line.

Wine Barrel Bench | Custom Furniture San DiegoThe Product

Wine Barrel Furniture: The barrels come from all over California and most of them will have the red, burgundy and purple colors from the wine that was inside them previously. The stave’s curve give each piece the perfect shape for great support.

Whiskey Barrel Bar Table | Custom Furniture San DiegoWhiskey Barrel Furniture: We receive these barrels the heart of bourbon country. The charred inside gives every whiskey barrel product a strong rugged appeal that fits in with any home decor. A cool feature is when you find barrels with your favorite brand. (Common ones we get are: Jack Daniels, Maker’s Mark, Four Roses, etc.)

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-Balazs Moldovan

Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair | Custom Furniture San Diego

Custom Furniture San Diego


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