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Chairs Made From Barrels

“We have a large collection of Wine and Bourbon barrel furniture. Chairs Made From Barrels is our specialty. Lounge, dinning, pub, barstools, etc.”

Welcome to the Hungarian Workshop! We are the #1 a San Diego based Wine & Bourbon Barrel manufacturing company who specializes in handcrafted furniture and home accessories. Our items can be found at all Stone Brewing Company locations and Whole Foods Market as well. We have been in business for about 4 years now and have been growing faster and bigger each year. Our line of furniture can be found in the Wine Enthusiast catalogs  and through multiple online distributing companies as well. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about our Unique Bourbon Gifts.

All our pieces can be purchased through our ONLINE STORE. Be sure to sign up for our online newsletter to receive coupon codes that will ave you big on your next purchase! Located on top of our home page.

Chairs Made From Barrels | Hungarian WorkshopBourbon Barrel Adirondack Chairs

Every stave is handpicked, sanded, cut, assembled and polished to ensure superior quality. The staves of the recycled Bourbon barrels have been charred – giving them a great black or dark brown patina. All the barrel staves are curved just the right amount to provide excellent support through out your entire body. They are lightly sanded just enough to take off any dirt and grime without removing any of the natural colors. Stainless steel clips are placed on the undersides of the pieces to ensure structural durability and strength.

Bourbon Barrel EZ Chair - Chairs Made From Barrels | Hungarian WorkshopBourbon Barrel EZ Chair

Kickback and relax in style with our new handcrafted Bourbon Barrel EZ Chairs. Built from reclaimed Bourbon Barrels with the ability to be broken down into two for easy storage if necessary. Each chair will bring comfort and convenience along with some rustic charm to any household.

Whiskey Barrel Dining Chair - Chairs Made From Barrels | Hungarian WorkshopBourbon Barrel Dining Chair 

If you are looking for a unique but traditional presentation of a dining room chair look no further! This Bourbon Barrel Chair show off a classic and stylish appearance while providing an interesting history which will leave guest talking. The charred inside of the barrel gets sanded down to a smooth and clean finish that brings an excellent contrast with every colors.

You can find more Chairs Made From Barrels in our ONLINE STORE. Please feel free to browse through and contact us if you have any question.


Balazs Moldovan

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