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Bourbon Barrel Pub Table

“If you are looking for some unique handcrafted Bourbon Barrel Pub Table, we have a few option available . Choose from small and cozy to large & family style.”

At the Hungarian Workshop we have a very classy and unique style of Bourbon Barrel Pub Table available. It comes in small which is ideal for two to three people to sit or stand around at and enjoying their drinks. The large ones can accommodate three to four with drinks and dinner. When choosing a Pub Table don’t forget to check out our Pub Stools and Pub Chairs to go along with them. All available in our Interior Italian Leather options as well.

Small and Cozy – 

Bourbon Barrel Pub TableThe smaller Bourbon Barrel Pub Table is made from the barrel tops and bottoms. We offer the option for you to choose from the outside or the inside to be facing up. The outside will be the lighter brown and tan with distillery stamp. It may also have other cooper’s or distillery markings like dates, warehouse and lot numbers and also batch specification. The inside version has the charred wood facing up and it’s completely black. The diameter of the table top is just about 21″. The overall height is 42″, the standard bar height. A barrel band wraps around the top to keep it tight and secure. There is also one on the bottom to keep the legs firm and it acts like footrest as well. This version is ideal pubs and wine tasting rooms.

Large and family style – 

Bourbon Barrel Pub TableOur large Bourbon Barrel Pub Table is very similar to the smaller version. It also comes with two options. You can choose from 30″ diameter or 36″. The top is made from solid white oak wood that is charred black to match the barrel wood. The edges are also barrel staves. This version is more ideal for homes and bars looking to serve not just drinks but food as well. The 30″ can seat three easily and the 36″ can seat four.

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