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Bourbon Barrel EZ Chair

Bourbon Barrel EZ Chair | Hungarian Workshop“Kickback and relax in style with our new handcrafted Bourbon Barrel EZ Chairs. Built from reclaimed Bourbon Barrels with the ability to be broken down into two for easy storage if necessary. Each chair will bring comfort and convenience along with some rustic charm to any household.”


Last weekend I felt the overwhelming stress just building up from the holiday rush. Way too many orders to fill along with managing some of the new crews can be a huge weight on one persons should. However it’s definitely a good problem to have! Any-who, I wen into the shop to knock out a few small item orders just to try to get ahead of the game when it dawned on me: I have not made anything new in a while. The key is in this business is to make sure not to be burned out. Handcrafting the same piece can feel like a burden and you must over come those feeling by just taking a break or in my case; play around with something new!

Bourbon Barrel EZ Chair | Hungarian Workshop Once I realized I was itching to make something new I turned to a designed that was simple and I made a prototype of last year. The Bourbon Barrel EZ Chair is simple designed and created for the ones who love to relax and enjoy kicking back. Getting it right the first time was great boost and made me love the design even more. A functional feature is that the Bourbon Barrel EZ Chair can be pulled apart into two making it for an easy storage and cutting down on shipping costs.

The Bourbon Barrel EZ Chair can be an excellent gift for any Whisky Advocate and bourbon lover. This holiday season surprise the one you love with a unique handcrafted gift from the Hungarian Workshop.

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Balazs Moldovan

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