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Bourbon Barrel Clock

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Bourbon Barrel Clock

After months of deliberation on how to keep reusing our Bourbon Barrel Cut Offs. We came out with this practical and beautiful work of art. Our Bourbon Barrel Clock is a simple design at its finest. Everything is made from genuine reclaimed bourbon barrels. Even the roman numerals are hand cut from the barrel’s metal bands for that high quality detailed finish. At the Hungarian Workshop we thrive to make all out furniture and home decor authentic as possible with no short cuts. We have been in business for over five years with a big clientele list all over the US. We provide excellent customer service and fine handcrafted barrel furniture. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.

Bourbon Barrel ClockIt’s time for bourbon and with this beautifully handcrafted Bourbon Barrel Wall Clock you will always know what time it is. Made from genuine aged bourbon barrels, this large rustic wooden wall clock is high quality with amazing attention to detail all the way. The most important and a one of kind feature is that all the roman numerals are handmade from the actual barrel bands. NO PAINTING OR LASER ENGRAVING HERE.
Each clock is unique and virtually one of kind because we use a wide variety of barrel heads from many different distilleries. This bourbon barrel clock will be a great focal point in any living room, kitchen, lounge or wherever true whiskey enthusiast wants to place it.
Time is ticking so order one today! Cheers!

The idea for the Bourbon Barrel Clock came to me a long time ago. We always have way too many barrel tops and the concept of using them for a clock has been around for years. My goal is to create items which sell great and always have an edge in the market. Sure, you will see other similar clocks out there with falsely painted or engraved distillery markings. Making them unauthentic as hell and down right a lie. I even seen Wine Barrels sold as Whiskey ones… ( I’m actually confused on why the companies who’s names they are labeling on there has not sent them a cease and desist, ha) Anyways, not trying to point fingers at anyone, I just want to inform potential buyers who may not realize these key differences.

Bourbon Barrel Clock – Handcrafted all the way!

Bourbon Barrel ClockTo have my brand standout I always aim for higher quality in craftsmanship and design. Also, I often look at better ways to save and use the barrel material. This is how the Bourbon Barrel Clock came to be. Use more barrel scrap material: barrel tops, barrel cut offs, metal bands – CHECK.  Craftsmanship and Design – strong, sturdy clock with unique one of kind hand cut roman numerals – Check   With these two simple rules we now have an amazing new item which I am very proud of.

In conclusion, please contact us if you have any questions or just would like some additional information on any of our products. Don’t forget to sign up for our online newsletter. It comes out once a month with major coupon codes and sometimes with new products.


-Balazs Moldovan




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