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Bourbon Barrel Chess Set

” The¬†Bourbon Barrel Chess Set is one of our newsiest and hottest item! A definite must have if you enjoy playing a fun round of chess while sipping on your favorite Bourbon. Cheers!”

Bourbon Barrel Chess SetThe Bourbon Barrel Chest Set

The Bourbon Barrel Chess Set is made of 100% used and reclaimed barrels. An eco friendly art piece that will be loved and enjoyed by both Whisky Advocates and Chess player alike.

Each chess piece is an original design and is handcrafted to preserve the beauty of the product. Similar curves are used throughout each figure that complement the barrel’s natural shape. A set that is a mix of modern with a touch of the classic accents.

Bourbon Barrel Chess SetThe playing board is a full size barrel head that has been beautifully laser etched which displays the woods brilliant grain pattern while creating a unique contrast between the two tiles. The 1″ thick great American White Oak makes for a heavy duty and solid platform.

Time and again you will see authentic distillery markings on the surface of the chess board and chess pieces that will show off the material’s origin and true history.

Chess Board 22″ x 22″
Chess Pieces 2″ – 5 1/2″
Note: Additional Checkers pieces and Queens available.

Bourbon Barrel Chess Set

The Story –
Its quite simple really. With all the bourbon barrel tops and bottoms we have laying around, I am always thinking new ways to use them. The idea of a chess board come to me a little after my son was born. After I started getting a bit burned out on online poker I started playing online chess because I felt it kept my brain way more stimulated. By no means I am chess master, but slowly getting better. After a long time of product and development I had my first board ready and me immediately caught the eye of our social media followers.
Bourbon Barrel Chess Set
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-Balazs Moldovan
Bourbon Barrel Chess Set
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