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Bourbon Barrel Chalkboards

“We just finished a few new designs and here is one of them. The Bourbon Barrel Chalkboards are a must have. They are the perfect whiskey decor and with great function. Use them as signs for wedding, bars, tasting rooms and more.”

Bourbon Barrel Chalkboards

Bourbon Barrel ChalkboardsFor a few months now we have been trying to find new ways to use up more and more of our scraps and cut offs. The biggest overstock we usually have are the barrel heads. (the barrel tops) Most will dry apart and warp really bad. As a full top they are pretty useless. But as pieces they are still solid 1″ thick querter sawn white oak. They are well seasoned and can be still used if you know how to.

Bourbon Barrel ChalkboardsIn the past we have been selling of the barrel tops. Offering many different options but even with extensive descriptions and photos, many people didn’t really grasp what and how barrel tops are. Not solid. No nailing or glue. Once they dry, they come apart like a jig saw puzzle. Not wanting to deal with this issue, I started an initiative to use our scraps in a better way. With the right design, we can recycle even more and the business can reach better profit margins.

Bourbon Barrel ChalkboardsThe Bourbon Barrel Chalkboards are a huge hit right of bat. We can make a lot of them because of our overstock and they have many great functions. They are fairly large (the black board size 13″x17″) so they work perfect as bar menus, wedding signs and more. They also feature a little shelf and two hooks. Ideal for keys, coats and hats. Order one and add a little rustic charm to your home today.

We are also finishing up some new picture frame ideas which will be pretty similar to these since the design works so well. Keep an eye out for them by following us on social media and most importantly through our newsletter. On our home page you can sign up for our monthly newsletter and save big on your next purchase. We send out coupon codes and new product info every time. You will also receive a coupon code for our bourbon barrel furniture instantly just for signing up.

If you have any questions or just need some more information please feel free to contact me directly. balazs@hungarianworkshop.comĀ 



-Balazs Moldovan

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