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Shipping can be a make the deal or break the deal for some people. No one wants to spend over the half cost on shipping for anything. For example  if you were to buy something for $100 the last thing you want is shipping to cost over $50. If you were to see a charge like that the first thing you’ll do is try to find a local dealer and pick it up your self.  Therefore I came up with an easy solution Continue reading Shipping

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Stone Brewery Deal

Im proud to say that these 2 chairs are sitting in the beer garden at the Stone Brewing Company in Escondido CA.Hi everyone and welcome back!

I am happy to report  that I have sold 2 chairs to one of my favorite beer brewing companies. It all started in the beginning of April when I received a message via Etsy from Frank Busic the general manager at Stone. I must have read that email a dozen times thinking it was too good to be true. I couldn’t believe what a perfect timing this was, right when I’m about to launch my site I get a huge company interested in my product. I emailed Frank back right away and invited him to check out some of my work in person. He came over on Easter Sunday Continue reading Stone Brewery Deal

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Hidden hardware?

Well, here I am again with another dilemma. I have been reading and looking at some new ways to upgrade my Adirondack patio sets because recently I have had some customers concerned about exposed screw heads. Like the ones that secure the seat slats, back rest and the ones that hold the arms together. Couple people were worried if the screws can rust but that was an easy reassurance because Continue reading Hidden hardware?

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Hello everybody and welcome to the Hungarian Workshop, if you have not had a chance to read my About Us page here is a brief run-through about me and my site.

My name is Balazs Moldovan and I’m from Miskolc Hungary, my family and I moved to the USA in 1996. I started doing carpentry for the first time in wood shop class during high school and fell in love with it. Throughout my early twenties I realized how much more I enjoyed being my own boss and working for myself. Being creative and prevailing on my own felt like the life for me. Soon as I got laid off, thoughts like that gave me the kick in the pants just to go for it. A few month later I packed my stuff and moved out to southern California to make it happen.

Now I’m writing my very first blog and building this site with a help of a few friends. (Thanks Tom and Austen). With this site I’m hoping to build a friendly relationship with all my clients and provide excellent customer service throughout the years to come. With that I conclude my first blog and as always have a wonderful day and I hope you come back and visit The Hungarian Workshop soon.