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Time To Consider Wine Barrel Furniture

This Wine Barrel Bar Chairs is one of our most popular items. | Hungarian Workshop

Wine Barrel Furniture

It is time to consider wine barrel furniture for your home. Whether you are a wine enthusiast or someone who just enjoys a glass now and again, you will sure to love these wonderful pieces that we have to offer.

One of the best part about owning Wine Barrel Furniture is that each item has an appealing and unique background  And it’s not just the fact that it was a barrel that held wine previously, it’s also the mysterious history of what type of wine, how long ago was it used, which winery did it come from etc. The great thing is, if any of these question are important to you we most often are able to answer them.

Secondly, you must not forget that when you own wine barrel furniture you are doing something good for the environment. It definitely shows a great deal how much you care when you choose up-cycled or re-cycled furniture. After I learned about this concept and started working with reclaimed material, I feel like I could never go back to another lumberyard again. Simply seeing these great amount of opportunities in using old barrels, has opened up a whole new world for me. And that world is growing bigger and bigger every day with new ideas.

This duo is the perfect place to relax with great glass of red. | Wine Barrel Furniture by the Hungarian Workshop
Wine Barrel Chair with a Wine Barrel Table by The Hungarian Workshop

Spring & Summer time is getting closer and closer everyday and if you made it this far in the blog I betting you are now actually considering wine barrel furniture for your home. If you are, that is fantastic. If you haven’t been totally sold on the idea yet, let me try to change your mind by talking about a few more benefits if you choose to make a purchase from us.

  • When you make a purchase from us you will be given lots of Options because we love to do custom work. All of our products come with multiple variation that will allow you to find the right size and style that you most desire.
  • We provide excellent Customers Service! Being is this business long enough I learned a lot and one of the most important fact that can make or break a sale is customer service. Anytime you have a question please feel free to call or email us. We will get back to you with an answers within 24 hours or less. No days of waiting around. If we have to contact a third party to find additional information for you, we will still get back to you with acknowledgement of your questions.
  • Prices are very very important. There is a good chance you have found handmade furniture that you love, but unfortunately it was way out of you price range. With a moderate investment I can assure you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase and our work.
  • Last but not least: Coupon Codes! If you’re anything like me, nothing will close a deal faster than when you get an amazing deal. I provide coupon codes through out our website, Twitter, Facebook and local ads!

If you ready to make a purchase be sure to type in one of these coupon codes and save big!!!

  1.  10%OFF/BGM-Use this code to save 10% on your entire purchase.
  2. SAVEME$300/BGM- Use this coupon code if you are spending $2000 or more to save $300.
  3. SAVEME$200W.B.C.T/BGM- Use this code when you buy our Wine Barrel Coffee Table to save $200. Five codes available.

Coupon Codes can not be used with one another. Please be aware all codes expire on 04-30-2013. Be sure to fallow us on Facebook & Twitter for more codes and ways to save big. Please subscribe to our e mail news letter than will inform you about sales, events and more! 

The Wine Barrel Love Seat by Balazs Moldovan
The Wine Barrel Love Seat is a perfect gift for anyone!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come visit us again real soon.

-Balazs G. Moldovan


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When Did Whiskey Barrel Furniture Become Elegant?

 Could be future Whiskey Barrel Furniture for the Hungarian WorkshopWhiskey Barrel Furniture are a great way to stay “Green”. Recycling and Up-cycling old items and used material has become very popular in the recent years. It’s not just popular, it has even become very important and a must for a few people. Which is great because sometimes we forget and not realize how many things we waste and discard. Simply all it takes is a little bit of creativity, and an everyday items can have a whole new second  life.

Most often when you see an old barrel it will be a trash can or it’s been cut in half and turned into a planter. Those are good and easy ways to re-use them but not great. The fact is that Wine and Whiskey barrels are made from white oak. A type of wood that is perfect to use for most wood working projects and can be pretty pricey when purchased brand new. If you ever had the chance to visited a winery or a distillery you probably have seen the hundredths of barrel they go through each year stacked in a huge pile. It’s a sight like that that will make you say “There must be another use for them.”, even if you’re not a woodworker or environmentalist.

Be the one who orders our 100th Barrel Chair and receive it for FREE! - Hungarian Workshop

Bar Chair at The Mission in San Diego - Hungarian Workshop

It has now been over a year since I started working with used barrels and I am happy to report that it seems people have really took a liking to my Wine & Whiskey Barrel Furniture. The key element in turning an old barrel into furniture is detail. Just because it’s rustic furniture it does not mean there should be nails sticking out, have rough edges, etc. The way to make up-cycled material look elegant in my eyes is to go above and beyond, to the point where you may not even be able to tell what the item was previously. Each time I have to explain where the wood came from to somebody, I feel a great amount of satisfaction and confidence in my work.

I invite you to come brows through our website and see what new Wine & Whiskey Barrel Furniture we have to offer. Be sure to fallow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive monthly coupon codes. You can also sign up for our News Letter to receive information on new items and promotions.

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San Diego Home And Garden Show

Wine & Whiskey Barrel Chairs at the Home & Garden ShowLast weekend we had a great opportunity to show off our barrel chairs at the 28th Annual Home  & Garden Show in Del Mar. It was the first time the Hungarian Workshop was featured in such a large event and the results were amazing. Just 3 days of exposure has done wonders for the business. With retailers calling and custom orders on the way, this was definitely an opportunity of a life time.

Hungarian Workshop at the Spring Home And Garden ShowIt all started last week when I received an email from Navid Mostatabi from Envision Landscape Studios.  They showed me an amazing display plan drawn up which had a fantastic modern yet natural look, and I knew I had to be a part of it. The plans originally called for some standard Adirondack Chairs but they said they wanted something different. Something that would standout from the ordinary and really capture people eyes. So that is where the Hungarian Workshop came in and made it happen.

Barrel Chairs at the Spring Home And Garden ShowWith only a few days left to complete a project I jump to work right away. After all it’s NOT everyday you get to show off your handmade furniture for thousands of people to see. In storage I already had enough staves prepped for two Whiskey Barrel Chairs, which was a life saver. Even though I did not have a wine barrel laying around I still wanted to show off our wine barrel furniture as well. I made a few phone calls and a couple of minutes later I was on my way to pick up the perfect barrel. I am never a big fan when it comes to rushing especially when it involves furniture making, but sometimes you may have no choice. Eventually orders like that will come along and knowing how to handle them is a big plus. Since situations like this are definitely not new to us, we were able to pull it off without any problems what so ever.

Wine & Whiskey Barrel Chairs at the Home And Garden ShowThe Home And Garden Show had a great turnout. Hundredths of my business cards went out and the fallowing week the orders started coming in. I would like to thank Navid at Envision Landscape Studios for this wonderful opportunity and hopefully you will see the Hungarian Workshop at other Home And Garden Shows in the future.


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How To Take Care Of Your Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor wooden Furniture care by The Hungarian WorkshopWooden outdoor furniture care is a must if you want your pieces to have a long life time. Owning anything that you keep outdoors made of wood will sooner or later need maintenance from time to time. A lot people assume if they purchase furniture that is not made out of some kind of wood, they will never have to worry about any sort of up keep. The truth is no matter where you live all patio furniture will eventually experience some fading, drying, cracking or even mold if live where is there is heavy rain or near the coastlines. The weather conditions that you need to know about for proper wooden outdoor furniture care are:

  1. Rain- Leaving furniture out in constant rain is never a good idea. Needless to say if you do not have a canopy or roof , it is important to put some kinda of cover over your furniture when you know it will rain for an extended period of time.
  2. Sun/Heat- The sun is definitely the most harsh. It doesn’t just simply dry out the wood and cause it to splinter and crack but it also beams down UV rays that will fade any kind of stain or fabrics.
  3. Dew- If you live near a coast or somewhere there is high humidity you’ll most likely have some morning dew. That’s the equivalent of hosing down your furniture every night.
  4. Snow/Freeze -We all know that water expends when it freezes. Therefore if you do not have a good seal, any moisture that gets in to the wood will definitely result in cracks and additional structural damage.Wine Barrel Side Table

Now that we talked about what can cause the damage, it is time to find the most efficient way for outdoor wooden furniture care. In reality nothing protects better than a roof. Most damage occurs from the elements of the weather not from the temperature. Having coverage will ensure the best protection that any urethane, varnish or oil can provide. Another efficient way is paint. You must have seen quite a few colorful Adirondack chairs in peoples front lawn before, since that is the easiest and most common form of protection. Although if you are anything like me, you will never want to paint your wood. I hate to see beautiful grain patterns and natural colors get hid by paint, even if the wood is fairly inexpensive and common. I believe the wood should always be shown off.  If you are interested flashy colors than there is no real reason to own real wooden chairs or tables.Whiskey Bench in Coronado

For hardwoods like Teak, Oak and Rosewood  etc; I like to use simple oils. Whether its Teak Oil, Tung Oil, Boiled Linseed Oil or perhaps a custom mixture of any, I find using an oil finish is far more adequate. Not just because of the easy application but also because when it is time for a new coat there is no stripping and sanding of old varnish. Outdoor wooden furniture care is way more simple even though you will have to wipe on more frequently, I still prefer applying a new coat every other month opposed to big complicated and time taking job every other year. Plus I feel the wood stays at a much more natural state without any cover stains. Especially when you are are working with reclaimed Wine & Whiskey barrels.  The rule of thumb I found out, it is time for a new coat of oil as soon as the water drops stop beading up on the wood’s surface.

If you choose to go with a varnish finish I would recommend a Marine Varnish. There are plenty of top coats sold in local home improvement stores that advertise years of protection but I have come across products that have been laughable. Peeling, yellowing and simply not doing their job have been an issue. However a strong Marine Varnish has proved to be up for the task. Most Spar Urethane that are rated for boats in heavy sun and salt water should hold up great on you furniture. Although they can be expensive they are worth the cost and will help a lot with outdoor wooden furniture care.The Wine Barrel Love Seat

Next we are going to discuss staining. I have stained enough furniture where I feel like I have tried them all, however one company’s product has stood out and I have been using them with no problems for years. It is called Sikkens. With over 200 years in business (you read correct 200 years) they have proven to be a very high quality product with excellent results. I have never seen a stain retains its color as well as theirs. The beauty of the product is that it need no top coat. You need to apply three coats which also results in a Satin finish and when it is time for a new coat a couple years down the line all you have to do is simply apply another set of coats. Again no sanding, stripping or any hard work.

Whether you choose to go with my hints and tips there is no better judge for your furniture than you are. I hope this blog has been a good insight and will help you make a decision when it come to outdoor wooden furniture care.

Thank you for stopping by The Hungarian Workshop and reading my blog about Outdoor Wooden Furniture care. Please come by and visit often and see what new items we have to offer.


Thanks again,


-Balazs G.  Moldovan

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Patio Conversation Sets For Your Yard

Patio Conversation SetsMany people these days are dying to find the perfect patio conversation sets. A great way to impress family & friends is with a beautiful piece of furniture that holds a wonderful history.

If you are still looking and have not found that great patio conversation sets, than there are a few key elements you may want to consider before committing to a purchase.

  • Appearance: An impressive set should be easily distinguished from ordinary furniture. You want people take one look and immediately realize that there is something different about each piece. It is going feel much more rewarding to have a conversation about the furniture when you are not the one who has to bring it up.
  • Recognizable: Once your guests have noticed your unique pieces, it is always a big bonus when the furniture’s origins are clear. You don’t want a complicated or far-fetched background story that shows no relationship to the item. Your guest will be far more impressed and engaged in the conversation a lot longer when its evident where the furniture came from.
  • Representation: Owning a Patio Conversation Set that a has a fascinating past is one thing, but having one that can represent who you are, is another. The best part about when you find that perfect set is that it can identify who you are and show off you true taste and style.
  • Reception: There is no reason to go overboard by thinking too much about what people will think. In the long run, whatever makes you happy is the only thing that should matter. Having our new furniture admired is what we all want, that is why putting in a little thougt will go a long way.

Whiskey Barrel Furniture make excellent patio conversation sets

There are many other reasons why our Wine & Whiskey Barrel Furniture are a great hit but most importantly they are very popular because they meet all the key elements described above. Whether you are Wine enthusiast, Whiskey advocate or just plain out love the idea of up-cycling used material, these furniture will be loved by all.

Wine Barrel Chair and Table

Hopefully this blog has been helpful and now you can start heading in the right direction and start narrowing down your search for that perfect set.

Thank you for stopping by The Hungarian Workshop and be sure to visit us again soon.

-Balazs Moldovan

Coupon Code: 10%offBGM22 (use this code on the check out page to save an additional 10%. It can only be used 10 times and it will expire at the end of February so be sure to use it while you can.)

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Unique Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

A Wine Barrel Coffee Table & Chair in the Garden Bistro at Stone Brewery

Owning a unique outdoor restaurant furniture set can be very important. Whether it is for your restaurant, bistro, cafe or even for your own home, guests can always be influenced by your taste and style. The amount of care you apply into the atmosphere will definitely show in the  amount of foot traffic that will walk through your doors.

If you are in need of some new outdoor restaurant furniture you have come to the right place. I will talk about a few reasons why The Hungarian Workshop outshines other companies and why our furniture have been known as a great investment.

I am guessing, since you are reading this article you must be looking for some unique and different style furniture. Choosing handmade furniture is always a plus because true craftsmanship doesn’t come out of a factory’s mass production line. Our chairs and tables are all made by people that take pride in their work and with great attention to detail. We carefully checking through all our products before making a sale because we want to make sure that all our customers are happy and 100% satisfied. We try to keep our prices much lower as well. The concept of going green by up-cycling material is mostly effective and beneficial if we are able sell as much as possible. By keeping our customer numbers on a steady rise will increase the amount of  barrels we can recycle.

Whiskey Barrel ChairOne our top selling item is the Whiskey Barrel Adirondack chairs. They are very popular with breweries, restaurants and hotels. Because of their great history these chairs are an excellent conversation pieces with just about anyone, whiskey-lovers or not.  We receive our whiskey barrels straight out of Kentucky, we are really proud of that. Since barrels come in many different  colors, shapes and sizes each individual chair has their own unique characteristics. Even though all the dimensions and design are the same, not one chair is truly alike.

Wine Barrel Chair with Wine Barrel Table

Next in line we of our Wine Barrel Chairs. They are a huge seller in states where wine drinking is common. Most of our clients purchase them for vineyards, wine bars or for their own home. We have also found out that wine barrel furniture has become popular as wedding gifts. With our specialty laser engraving they can make a wonderful gift for any wine lover. The chairs come with an option for a wine glass holder cut in on the arms ends on either side. The beautiful red, maroon and burgundy patinas that each piece of furniture holds will sure to turn quite a few heads.

We offer a more unique Outdoor Restaurant Furniture on our website. I invite you to browse around and feel free to ask me any question.

Thank you


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Bistro Chairs For Your Home Or Restaurant

The Wine Barrel Chair & Side Table would make an excellent bistro chairs set.Although the new year has just started, there are already lots of home owners and business owners looking to find the right bistro chairs for the Spring season. You may think it’s only January and Spring time isn’t for another 2 months or so, however this may be the best time to find those great early bird deals.

Countless restaurants and private buyers have chosen The Hungarian Workshops bistro chairs for a couple good reasons.

  • Elegance: Our chairs provide an outstanding appearance and style. We try to use the best contrasts that really let the colors pop out and catch the eyes. Being unique and different is very important to us, therefore we make sure our piece will stand out and not be confused with any other.
  • Durability: Each piece is designed with strength in mind because one of or main focus is on longevity. Without compromising comfort, each chair is built to last and to endure just about anything.
  • Price: What you get with us is practically a steal! Keep in mind most wooden furniture these days are mass produced in factories and lack craftsmanship and care. With a moderate investment and care take you will have beautiful furniture for years to come.

A few satisfied customers sitting in the bistro chairs at Stone Brewery Escondido, CA

Doing a bit of research before you make a purchase is always a good idea. Especially if you intend to buy in large quantities. Don’t be afraid to ask companies for discounts, more than half the time they will just to lock in the deal.

These days going “Green” is also really important to people. Recycling, reusing and up-cycling has turned into more than just a fad. The concept of up-cycling has helped our business tremendously. Last summer we landed a deal with Stone Brewery’s bistro where they wanted us to turn their old Whiskey barrels into chairs. Since then our business has more than tripled, we ended up with a whole new line of products and created a great business relationship with a very big company! Since then we have been approached by more and more cafes, diner and pubs because they too love the idea of reusing old barrel. It’s not just the owners but the customers as well. A majority of our clients have sat in our chairs at bistros and just fell in love with them. Picking out the right patio set can change the whole atmosphere and turn an ordinary customer into frequent one!

A Wine Barrel Coffee Table & Bistro Chairs in the Garden at Stone Brewery

At the Hungarian Workshop our top priority is customer service. We are not happy until you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. We will gladly work with you one on one and answer any question you may have. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Thank you for stopping by and be sure to visit us again soon.

-Balazs Moldovan



Don’t forget about our 100th Barrel Chair Giveaway! Be the lucky one who orders our one hundredth barrel chair and receive it for free!!!


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100th Chair Giveaway

Free 100th Chair GiveawayHi Everyone,

We have had an amazing quarter this fall season, and there is no signs of slowing down just yet! We landed a few interviews and promotions as well which just kept bringing in more and more business. (, I am having this website completely redesigned and our new site will be up and running towards the end of the month so be sure to visit back soon. We will also have a couple brand new items available for purchase along with some special sales on sets for our wine and whiskey barrel furniture too. With business picking up we are going to feature a wholesale catalog for all those retail inquires as well.

Now that being said, I am happy to announce our first Winter Sale Special. I will be giving away out 100th Chair absolutely FREE! Be the lucky one who orders our one hundredth chair and receive a check for the complete amount.


Contestants must:

-Be 18 or over
-Be a U.S. resident (no international shipping)
-Pay for shipping and handling or Delivery charges
-Take photo with the 100th chair (winner will be featured on our news blog, winner’s first name and state which he or she lives in will be mentioned)
-Winner will receive a reimbursement check for the 100th chair with in 2-3 weeks after placing order and after all contest rules and requirements have been met.

Thank You and good luck to you all!

-Balazs Moldovan

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Finishing up the September rush

This is only about 1/4 of what I had to make last month.

So last month I was featured on, along with many others and oh man, things got very busy for us. I had to make 30+ chairs and the orders are still coming in. I even hired a buddy of mine to help because without him, I probably would only be half way done. Thank you Justin. We learned a lot more about shipping all over the country as well as about international shipments. We also started playing with the idea of retail. Hopefully a little down the road people will start seeing Hungarian Workshop item in stores. This site will be going through some major updates too in the upcoming months, so be sure to visit often to see the new changes and improvements. Since winter is just around the corner, I’m planning on making a few new item for the holidays and also couple more interior home decors that will make exceptional gifts for friends and family.

A big thank you goes out to for supplying us with such great material.




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Huffington Post

Hungarian Workshop on Huffington Post

Hungarian Workshop on Huffington PostHungarian Workshop’s Whiskey Barrel Chairs were recently featured on The Huffington Post.



Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Balazs Moldovan, the San Diego-based furniture maker who handcrafts these chairs, describes the process like a puzzle: “Usually I draw up a plan and start with brand new material that I can cut in anyway, but not this time. It was like having all the puzzle pieces but I had to create a whole new picture.”

You can read the entire article here.

Thank you so much for the feature!

Hungarian Workshop Whiskey Barrel Furniture