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100th Chair Giveaway

Free 100th Chair GiveawayHi Everyone,

We have had an amazing quarter this fall season, and there is no signs of slowing down just yet! We landed a few interviews and promotions as well which just kept bringing in more and more business. (, I am having this website completely redesigned and our new site will be up and running towards the end of the month so be sure to visit back soon. We will also have a couple brand new items available for purchase along with some special sales on sets for our wine and whiskey barrel furniture too. With business picking up we are going to feature a wholesale catalog for all those retail inquires as well.

Now that being said, I am happy to announce our first Winter Sale Special. I will be giving away out 100th Chair absolutely FREE! Be the lucky one who orders our one hundredth chair and receive a check for the complete amount.


Contestants must:

-Be 18 or over
-Be a U.S. resident (no international shipping)
-Pay for shipping and handling or Delivery charges
-Take photo with the 100th chair (winner will be featured on our news blog, winner’s first name and state which he or she lives in will be mentioned)
-Winner will receive a reimbursement check for the 100th chair with in 2-3 weeks after placing order and after all contest rules and requirements have been met.

Thank You and good luck to you all!

-Balazs Moldovan

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